Frequently Asked Questions

With our promise, you have the guarantee that we can help you anytime, should you have some issues with your HY5. A fast and uncomplicated repair or replacement should give you the secure feeling that we like to take responsibility.

And more importantly, if in case of an accident no insurance company replaces your seat, we are there for you. We exchange your seat, so that your child is still safe in your car.
Please keep in mind that the child seat is not fully functional after an accident and should not be used under any circumstances.

The HY5 must be fixed with the vehicle’s seatbelt, the seatbelt must be properly tensioned and keep the seat well. In the back seat, the HY5 must be additionally fastened with the top tether.

Every vehicle’s seatbelt on which a nachfolger HY5 kids seat can be mounted must have a three-point automatic seatbelt and aligned in the direction of travel. HY5 is only 44cm wide. Therefore, in most cases, you should also be able to mount three seats in the second row.

Yes, you can also fit the kids seat onto the front passenger seat, but only to a proper vehicle seat with a three-point belt system approved for an adult. The vehicle seat must be directed in the direction of travel. On the passenger seat, the top tether is not necessary, the dashboard takes over its function. Please bring the HY5 as close as possible to the dashboard and deactivate the airbag.
Remember: The HY5 is mounted against the direction of travel.

Of course, our kids seats are so comfortable that your child will fall asleep while driving.

When there is too little air in the HY5, the LED light flashes red.
You can also inflate our seat with a child sitting inside.

Our kids car seat withstands any level of pressure.

We want to create a kids car seat, which can be used all over the world. Isofix and iSize are safety standards that are regulated and distributed differently by every country, therefore we deliberately decided to select a vehicle seatbelt that needs to be worn. The UNECE R44 is by far the most widely used standard in the world and so you have the assurance of being safe with our seat.

HY5 can be installed in any vehicle equipped with a top tether. Only in the passenger seat, no top tether is necessary. Here the dashboard takes over this function. Please bring the HY5 as close as possible to the dashboard and deactivate the airbag.

Before you belt the HY5 in the car, the seat must be positioned against the driving direction and the logo on the sides forms a horizontal line.

Using the rear seat: The back of the HY5 may, but does not need to be in contact with the back of the front seat.

Using the front seat: Move as close as possible to the dashboard. Please deactive the passenger’s airbag.

The three-point belt system is easier to handle and guarantees a securely strapped child.

The height adjustment can be continuously adjusted and thus allows your child the best possible protection and comfort.
The headrest must be adjusted so that there is a max. distance of two inches between the child’s shoulder and the headrest. Pull the headrest upwards at the top and move it to the desired position.

There are two positions for the shoulder straps: we recommend adjusting the height of the shoulder straps in such a way that the straps come from below and are strapped over the child’s shoulders.
Adjusting the shoulder straps:
1. Open the buckle
2. Pull the shoulder straps including the belt pad through the backrest
3. Set the straps at the next appropriate height.
Make sure that the straps are in the right place, they must be close to the body, and only one flat hand should fit between the child and the belt. It is better to take off thick jackets. The buckle must engage properly.

A rear-facing kids car seat is proven to be the safest way to transport a child. In a conventional, forward facing kids car seat, the head of the child moves forwards on impact and strains the child’s neck. While in a reboarder, these forces are significantly reduced and the energy is distributed to the entire back of the child. Thus, the reboarder reduces the load under the same circumstances by over 80%.

Absolutely not! Our seat belongs to the group of reboarders, these may only be used as rear-facing seats.

Our newborn inlay provides the baby with the right support and safety.

Using the newborn inlay depends on the baby (weight and size). Our recommendation is to use the newborn inlay until the 6th month.

The newborn inlay is filled with a foam wedge. As an interstage you can remove the wedge from the newborn inlay and use the inlay (without wedge).

For preemies, babies under 3 kilograms or under 45cm height, we recommend using an infant carrier.

Before the first use you have to mount the newborn inlay in the seat:
1. Open the buckle of the child seat and put both shoulder straps on the side.
2. Place the newborn inlay in the seat.
If the baby is over 6 months old, we recommend removing the newborn inlay to create enough space for your child.

If you want to fold the Hy5, just click on the Quick Release button and you can pack the HY5 and take it with you.

Our HY5 underwent multi-stage, extensive tests in world-leading test facilities, where we tested the behaviour with foreign bodies in a professional crash test.
A pen can not harm our HY5.

The HY5 has large internal dimensions and small external dimensions.

Outer dimensions: width 41 cm, height 58 cm, depth 73 cm
Inner dimensions: width 32 cm, height 53 cm, depth 25 cm

Dimension (packed in bag): 
width 45 cm, height 34 cm, depth 20 cm

Yes, the fabric cover can be easily removed and washed separately at 30° in the washing machine. In our video you can see how easily it is done. The fabric must not be dried in a dryer.
Important: The cover is an integral part of the nachfolger HY5 safety concept. For this reason, the kids car seat must not be used without a cover.

The pump is activated with the push of a button (three times), connected to the seat’s standard tire valve connector and switched on. The kids car seat is filled with sufficient air as soon as the LED light turns solid blue. The pump stops automatically when the correct pressure has been reached.

You activate the pump by pressing the button three times quickly. The pump can inflate the HY5 three times when fully charged, then it must be recharged. The pump’s LED button flashes blue quickly when the pump is empty. Use the supplied USB cable for charging. You can charge the pump via USB or connect it with a power adapter (not included) with the USB cable and plug it into a power outlet. When charging, the small light on the USB cable glows red, as soon as it goes out the pump is fully charged.

Our kids car seat is equipped with a standard car tire valve connector. If you do not have our pump with you, you can inflate the kids car seat HY5 at every gas station and with all common pumps.

The ACS control unit ensures that the innovative SAS system is supplied with sufficient air. The pump stops automatically when the correct pressure is reached. Therefore, the seat cannot explode.

HY5 can be inflated three times with a fully charged pump.

Our pump has a capacity of 6.6 Wh. We have developed it in such a way that you can take it with you in your hand luggage.

Yes, we have an aircraft certification for the HY5 TT. Please note that you need the HY5 travelkit+ to install it in the plane!

Please inform the airline before departure if you want to take your kids car seat with you.

The airline decides which kids seat can be used on board of an aircraft. Please inquire in advance if the HY5 has got an approval from the respective airline. Please note that our seat can be used in the first row after a partition wall (after a service unit, WC, separation to the business class) in Economy Class. In Business and First Class in all seats. The HY5 must be strapped in the same direction as in the car. Please note that only the aircraft seatbelt needs to be strapped in the aircraft, the blue belt buckle remains closed and the seatbelt is on top of the blue belt buckle. The length of the airplane-seatbelt is not standardised, thus we recommend you to use the belt shortener, which is included in the travel kit+ so that you can adjust the length of the belt according to the instructions to the optimal length.

Our HY5 is approved for Europe and Asia, we are working on the approvals for North and South America.

The approval for the US is primarily for the marketing, so the sale of the HY5 in the US necessary. That is, the seat we have will be adapted for the American market because the requirements of the two approvals are quite different.

From a legal point of view, as a manufacturer we can not recommend the use of a European certified seat. Whether the European safety standard is sufficient for use in the US, parents have to decide for themselves. The use of a Top Tether is common in America, as this originally comes from the USA.

No, you have to use the HY5 in the backseat only with top tether. Only in the passenger seat, the HY5 is used without top tether, as the dashboard acts as the top tether.

Our HY5 underwent multi-stage, extensive tests in world-leading test facilities. An emergency case was simulated in professional crash tests. In addition, the kids car seats were tested during temperature changes, pressure loss and in presence of foreign bodies. The results were overwhelming: the HY5 made it clear in the tests that it is not only extremely stable, but also flexible and energy-absorbent. The seat acts as a protective airbag, providing perfect protection for your child.

By clicking on the Quick Release button, the air escapes from the HY5 and you can fold the seat and stow it in the bag. The Quick Release button is located on the bottom of the seat next to the valve

There are no test reports for our HY5 yet. We have no influence with regard to when we are called. However, we will attend the next tests of the foundations Warentest and ADAC.

An emergency case was simulated in professional crash tests. Our kids car seat HY5 protects the child in the event of an impact like an airbag, because it is stable and at the same time flexible and energy-absorbent.

Our kids car seat HY5 protects the child in the event of an impact like an airbag, because it is stable and at the same time flexible and energy-absorbent.

No, that cannot happen. Car windows are made of safety glass and do not splinter like conventional glass, but are broken down into small pieces. These cannot harm the kids car seat.  

If the HY5 does not fit in your car, send it back to us. Here you will find the information about return.

In the carry-on luggage, the seat will not be damaged while packed in the bag.
It certainly does not hurt to put a big plastic bag on top of it, as it is always very dusty down there.

Protect the pump better than carry-on baggage and the pump’s switch-on button to protect against pressure, so that it does not accidentally start. Good Trip.

The durability of a battery depends on the quality of the battery: it is about 1-2 years.
If your seat is in continuous use and always inflated in the car, he will conusme  more battery. The reason for this is that with a permanently inflated seat, the pressure sensor always remains active for safety reasons.
If you let the air completely out of the seat, the sensors and the LED light are completely switched off after 5 minutes and this protects the battery.

Choose an angle that is as upright as possible, with the slope of the HY5 to be chosen so that the child’s head does not fall forward when sleeping.