• Is nachfolger a sustainable brand?

    At Nachfolger we want to leave a green and positive carbon footprint behind, that will impact our planet and all that are living on it. We take sustainability very seriously and that is why we are focusing on things that really matter, from using high quality materials in our products to striving for sustainable steps in our product’s life cycle: from transport, to the diverse possibilities of using our child seat, to recycling. Our aim is to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible so that our future “Nachfolgers” can also enjoy the beauty of our planet.

    Our product’s lifecycle includes: Transport, Carpooling, Recycling. In our videos we explain you how nachfolger is sustainable with these three aspects. 

  • How can I solve issues when inflating the nachfolger seat?

    In case you are experiencing an issue with the pump, e.g. the pump stops working every three seconds, the pump stops and the seat is not fully inflated or that the pump cannot inflate the seat 2 times. Then we advice you to press the connector firmly onto the valve (until air escapes when refilling) and then flip the lever while pushing. You can also hear and see this procedure on the video.


  • How long can I leave the HyFive in the car?

    The air lasts about two weeks when inflated, maybe shorter at the beginning, but when you have pumped up more often, the material settles more and more and it lasts longer.

  • Can my child sleep in the seat

     Of course, our child seats are so comfortable that your child will happily fall asleep inside while driving.

  • Up to what height and weight can nachfolger seats be used?

    You should make sure that the top tether belt is always two fingers wide from the head. Otherwise, the seat is designed for up to 18kg (approx. 105cm), which always includes clothing and shoes. From 15kg or 1 meter you can switch to the next category.

  • How does the HY5.1 differ from the HY5TT2020?
  • Is the child seat suitable for rental cars / carpooling?

    Yes, nachfolger child seats are perfect for rental cars and carpooling. The seat can be inflated and dismantled in no time and can be easily transported in the carry bag. The seat protector keeps the car seat of the rental car clean.

  • How do I know that I have properly belted the child car seat?

    The HyFive must be fixed with the vehicle belt, the lap belt must be properly tensioned and hold the seat well. The HyFive must also be attached to the back seat via the top tether and a small distance to the front seat must be maintained.

  • How can I charge the pump?

    USB is a worldwide standard, any mobile phone charger, Laptop or Power banks with a USB port can charge the pump. It is only important that the charging power that is stored there is above 1Ah, otherwise the charger will not start, switch off too early or it will simply take a long time to charge the batteries in the pump.

    If the pump is empty and it may not charge properly, it was maybe dis-charged for a longer period of time. then you can try to wake up the pump when you unplug and plug the usb. the batterie needs lots of power to wake up, and this pulse comes from the USB port disconnection and reconnection. If you have a 12V charger, this is also a strong source of power. With a 12V charger you can test if the batteries are empty or the pump is broken. The pump runs directly on the 12V car plug cable, even if the batteries are empty. If the pump runs with the 12V car plug the pump is ok. Wake it up, then charge it once with the 12V cable, pump up the seat twice and then you can try to charge with the normal USB charger.

    Batteries need power, therefore we recommend to do not store them dis-charged or fully charged, about 40-60% is ideal. So after the seat was inflated once, you mirght be exactly at this value and then the batteies in the pump will last for years.

    Have a save journey.

  • How can I repair the hose connector?

    When your hose connector is broken you can easily put it back together. In the video we show you how you can fix your hose connector so that the pump for your nachfolger child car seat works again: 

  • Can I install the HyFive on the front passenger seat?

     Yes, the child seat can also be attached to the front of the front passenger seat, but only on a fully-fledged vehicle seat with a three-point belt system that is approved for one adult. The vehicle seat must face in the direction of travel. The top tether is not necessary on the front passenger seat, its function is taken over by the dashboard. Please drive the HY5 as close as possible to the dashboard and deactivate the airbag. Don’t forget: The HY5 is mounted against the direction of travel.

    In the video you can see that the HyFiveOneTT- City is installed on the passenger seat.

  • How many child car seats fit in the back seat?

    Every vehicle seat on which a HyFive child seat may be mounted must have a three-point automatic belt and be aligned in the direction of travel. The HY5 is only 44cm wide, so in most cases it should also be possible to mount three seats in the second row. 

  • Why is the HyFive rear-facing?

    A rear-facing child car seat has been proven to be the safest way to transport a child. In the case of a conventional, forward-facing child car seat, the child’s head is torn forward in the event of a collision and loads the child’s neck. While with a reboarder these forces are significantly reduced and the energy is distributed over the entire back of the child. This means that the reboarder reduces the load by over 80% under the same circumstances.


  • Do I have a quality and service warranty on the seat?

    We guarantee that we will help you at any time if something is wrong with your HyFive. A quick and uncomplicated repair or exchange should give you the secure feeling that we are happy to take responsibility. And even more important: If no insurance company replaces your seat in the event of an accident, we are here for you. We will exchange your seat so that your child can continue to travel safely. Please note that the child seat is no longer fully functional after an accident and must not be used under any circumstances.

  • Can the child seat still be used after an accident?

    Thanks to the flexible structure, a crash at up to 10 km / h must not affect the seat at all. However, every accident is different, sliding into the field at 30 km / h is okay, but 10 km / h into the bridge pillar is too hard. That’s why we check and test these seats here in Vienna so that you can continue to travel safely.



  • Are there any pollutants in the child seat cover?

    The covers that have been tested by Siftung Warentest have been converted for over 18 months


    The covers that have been tested by the Stiftung Warentest have been discarded or converted for over 18 months. So there are only covers that are completely free of pollutants, provided they buy directly from us. However, there is a possibility that you will still occasionally find seats of the first generation. These should generally be washed once before use. In our web shop, however, there are only pollutant-free covers.
  • Is the pump or inflated seat sensitive to heat?

    The seat and the material have been tested for heat resistance and can withstand a temperature change test of up to 70 degrees. This corresponds roughly to the temperature that it occasionally has in the car when the car is in the blazing sun. The pressure does not rise so much that it would be critical for the seat, there is a 4-fold overpressure safety. Nevertheless, we recommend covering the seat a bit, as direct sun can then become even hotter at certain points. The advantage of our seat is that it cools down quickly when you open the doors because it has 2/3 less mass than a normal seat in this category.

  • Can the seat be used on an airplane?

    Yes, we have an aircraft certification for the HY5 TT. Please note that you absolutely need the HY5 travelkit +! In general, it is always important to inform the airline before you travel if you want to take your child car seat with you.

  • Can I take the pump on an airplane?

     Our pump has an output power of 6.6 Wh. We have developed it so that you can safely take it with you in your hand luggage.

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